Singles & EP’s featuring Dev, Spoek Mathambo, Mic Terror and DJ Wool remixed by Dillon Francis, Douster, Mexicans With Guns, Cosmic Kids and many many more.


Not only is she bringing her own brand of the hot Brazilian underground sound to the rest of the world, but from her international vantage point she operates like a provocatively rhyming hurricane, sucking up global riddims from ghettotech to dancehall and flinging them back out at gale-force speeds.” - MTV

β€œIt took mere minutes for Zuzuka to get the 2,000- plus crowd up on their feet.” - LA Weekly

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Ever wonder how punk and hardcore would sound given an electro-house makeover? Allow The Toxic Avenger, a.k.a. Simon Delacroix, to give you a taste with his new song “3/2/1″. The French producer has masterfully set the two genres to haunting synth, echoed chants, and dance-ready beats, creating a darkly playful tune that’s fresh and inventive. Give it a spin, grab it as a free download, and take note that it comes off the Angst LP, out via Little Owl Recordings.

Pt. 2 of Spoek Mathambo & Cerebral Vortex’s “Drunk Like” project is here. Spoek is a musician whose urge to create overrides any affiliation with genre or origins and that quality is on full display here. A complete departure from his Sub Pop debut, “Drunk Like This” is unadulterated party music. This time around he trades lines with Cerebral Vortex and counts on remixes from Steve Starks, and Sonora.